Taxes & Donations

It seems that over the last few years, almost daily I am being asked to donate to one cause or another. Anywhere from hurricane recovery to somebody died and can’t afford their own funeral. While some of these causes may be worthy, I can’t help but think that when “working” Americans are being taxed anywhere from 30 to 60% of their gross incomes, why should and/or would we need to donate to anything? With the obscene number of government entities, all the way from POA’s to the IRS, squeezing every dollar out of the “working” citizens that they legally (and sometimes illegally) can, how can so many people still seem to have so many wants and/or needs? The main reason, too many people live very well without doing any work. With all the “Santa Clause” elected officials running the government entities offering more handouts for votes, too many people are content to live on handouts.

In the last 10 years, the national debt has risen from 9 trillion to 20 trillion. When you add in the 3 trillion collected in taxes and then spent beyond the 11 trillion in added debt, you 41 trillion dollars spent in 10 years. Please remember this is only the federal government’s spending. This does not include all the taxes that all the other money-grubbing government entities, that are always needing more and more of money, have taken from the “working” people.

I for one, no longer give (donate) to anything and/or anybody that I can’t see and even that is going to be cut down. Am tired carrying two or three people who refuse to work on my back and then donate to them on top of that. If I am getting tired of donating, no doubt others are too.

While I have no crystal ball, I am going to venture to guess the “get something for nothing” days will someday come to an end. While today, the people who are not working, but have food, clothes, cars, homes, cell phones, $500.00 tennis shoes, beer, color TV’s, a/c, heat, and almost every other modern convenience (and do not take care of any of it) see fit to riot and shoot policemen, I wonder what will happen on the day the giveaways stop and they really get hungry?


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