For anyone who’s  garage is full and who’s bank account is empty. You really need to talk to someone like me. The first hour is free, but, could be worth thousands!!!

GRC Business Consulting, Inc.

GRC Business Consulting, Inc., is owned and operated by W. Alan Rickertsen. Both my wife Gay and myself were born, raised and lived in and around a small town in central Nebraska until February of this year when we purchased a home and moved to Padre Island, Texas.

Many of our old friends (and some of our family) in Nebraska think we are a little crazy? But, what most of them do not know is that it has been one of our goals, since we got married almost 50 years ago, to someday live on a beach.

To be successful, a good business person needs to learn that to get what they want out of life, they first need to decide what it is they want. While that may sound extremely simple, about 80% of people have never taken the time and/or made the effort to put down on paper what it is really want.